How We Do It

Money Direct Sales

No expensive stores means no expensive retail mark-up or middlemen. You get more shirt for less.

Scissors Custom Made

At Ratio, we make every shirt to order, one-at-a-time, to the exact specifications of our customers. That means no excess inventory to be cleared at outlets and sale racks, and less mark-up overall.

Designer-quality, American-Made
custom clothing at off-the-rack prices.

For every dollar you spend on an off-the-rack designer shirt, only about 20 cents go towards the actual labor and materials to make it.

At Ratio, it's over double that.


Why "Made-in-the-USA" Matters

Create jobs

Today, over 97% of clothing sold in the USA is made overseas, leaving once flourishing factories empty and apparel workers jobless. For about every 60 shirts we sell a month, we create one full-time manufacturing job here in the US. We’re small, and it’s just a start, but we’re proud to do our part.

A custom shirt made in Asia takes a long solo journey, by air, from factory to your doorstep, leaving a large carbon footprint in its wake. By manufacturing locally, our shirts are shipped using existing ground networks (in recycled packaging) to minimize environmental impact.
Quality control

Most custom shirt companies make their shirts halfway around the world, in the same couple of factories in China and Malaysia. We work onsite with smaller producers in the US to maintain tighter quality control throughout the entire process.

Our Shirts


Better Fit

With Ratio Sizing, we’ve created a simple and effective way to achieve a perfect fit. If your shirt doesn’t fit perfectly on the first try (it almost always does), we’ll alter or remake it for free.

Better Materials

We source only the best materials from the top suppliers in the world, from Italian fabrics to German interlinings; the same ones that supply top luxury and designer brands.

Better Details

We care about the small details, like single-needle tailoring and a two-piece yoke. Every Ratio shirt is made through an intricate process of over 40 operations by skilled craftsmen.

Better Designs

Good fit matters beyond the office, so we select unique and stylish designs to go along with our wardrobe dress staples. Whether it’s a great plaid or the perfect Oxford, we choose only the best.

Our Guarantee

It's Pretty Simple

If it doesn't fit perfectly, we'll alter or remake it for free.

Our #1 goal as a company is getting you in a perfect fit and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. The vast majority of our customers get a perfect fit on their first try using Ratio Sizing, but a small portion of our customers will require alterations. We’ve seen just about every fit issue in the book and our knowledgeable customer service staff will guide you through the process and ensure you receive a perfect fit.

Easy, Precise Re-Ordering

Our patterns are entirely digitized and our shirts are cut on a highly-advanced automated plotter. This ensures consistent, repeatable results regardless of the number of adjustments that are needed. We store every measurement in your customer file so that reorders are consistent and simple.