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100's Two-Ply Broadcloth Tuxedo Shirt with Pique Bib Front


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Also known as a Marcella Bib front, the Pique Bib Front is a classic formal style with a textured panel covering the chest, often pressed and starched for a crisp look up front. According to buzz on the style forums, this is the shirt Brando's Vito Corleone character sports at his daughter's wedding in the opening scene of The Godfather, but at the same time, it's totally timeless.

Our tuxedo shirts all include a removable button-band for the top four shirt buttons, which allows you to wear the shirt with or without studs.

*Studs, bow tie, and cuff links not included.

Fabric Specs

Composition 100% Cotton
Weave Broadcloth
Yarn/Thread Count 100's Two-Ply
Care: Standard


  • Made-to-measure to your exact specifications.
  • Single-needle tailoring at 16 stitches per inch.
  • Quarter-inch topstitching on collars and cuffs
  • Two-piece split yoke
  • Removable collar stays (when applicable)
  • Fused collar and cuff for a crisp, sturdy appearance
  • Includes a removable button-band for the top four shirt buttons, allowing the use of studs.

Made in the USA

This shirt is part of our Made in the USA Collection.

We’re proud to make this shirt in a facility in New Jersey that’s been making shirts continuously for nearly 60 years with a history of quality and craftsmanship. The factory is a union shop that employs several hundred skilled operators, who earn a living wage. Every shirt made by here includes over sixty operations performed by a dedicated team of made-to-measure specialists.

Pique Bib Tuxedo Shirt

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Customer Reviews

4 Star Review

6 Reviews, 4.5 Average

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Latest Reviews

5 Star Review

Fantastic tuxedo shirt. Really pops - looks great.

Dylan M. (Austin, TX)

5 Star Review

Exactly what I needed in a formal shirt. Even if - like me - you avoid black tie at all costs, when you find yourself forced to sport a tux, this shirt makes it all come together.

Ronald B. (Boston, MA)

5 Star Review

A perfect tuxedo shirt. Bright white and holds up well for an entire evening of wear.

Joshua P. (Denver, CO)

4 Star Review

The pique front looks great and seems to resist wrinkles well. The rest of the shirt is standard lightweight broadcloth, not fully opaque and easy to wrinkle. That isn't a big problem for a tux shirt though were you are going to keep your jacket on anyway.

Seth C. (Brooklyn, NY)

4 Star Review

It's worked well as a tuxedo shirt, which a nice weight and is stiff enough to hold a crease but not suffocating. However, for some reason it just will not stay tucked in. I think it may be due to the pique bib, but I'm not 100% sure. It's the same size as my other shirts, so I'm not sure what else it would be.

Andrew G. (Chicago, IL)

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