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“Absolutely perfect, from the customized sizing system, to the quality of the materials, to the selection of patterns and design options, to the price point.”

- Bryan J. | Chicago, IL

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I love every single one of my Ratio shirts. I have tried many MTM shirt makers online and Ratio is far and away the best I have used. The fabric, construction, and fit is all excellent. Ratio goes up to 11.

My experience with Ratio was excellent. They have tons of choices, and all of them are good. Every shirt I've purchased has been perfectly tailored, and all the fabrics are extremely high quality--excellent weight, consistent color and patterning--as is the stitching and assembly. I cannot recommend them enough!

Another great order with Ratio. I don’t like the hard sales of most custom shirt makers which usually results in me buying more stuff than I need. I love being able to go online and pick out the fabrics I want without any pressure. Great quality shirts at half the price of my custom tailor.

All of the shirts I’ve ordered so far have been extremely well-made and of excellent quality. Customer service, at least in my limited dealings with them, has been absolutely superb. This is all offered at a great value.

Compared to other MTM services in this price range, I find that Ratio does have less customization options and longer wait times. However, this is an acceptable price to pay as Ratio handily beats the rest in regards to quality. Every fabric I have ordered has felt substantial and sturdy, and I've never had to deal with issues such as excess/loose threads. I highly recommend Ratio.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

If you're not 100% satisfied with your first shirt, we'll alter or remake it for free.

“I was very happy with the first shirt that I ordered but decided I wanted it altered some to make the fit perfect. The process was very easy, the fit feedback from Ratio was helpful, and the altered shirt fits perfectly. Customer service is fantastic and the whole process was painless.”

- Eric M. | Edmond, OK

Ratio is wonderful to do business with. Their sizing options are thorough, the style selections allow for seemingly infinite customization. While the shirts aren't cheap, this is a very good deal given the quality of the fabric and perfection of the fit. Definitely recommend...

Great fitting shirts! The fabric is perfect and is a very form fitting shirt.

Ratio shirts are the best fitting shirts I have bought. I have been looking for the perfect custom shirts for a long time. Ratio does it right. The customer service was truly personal. Excellent job all around.

The initial fit was good, except a little tight in the chest. Sent it back and it came back perfect. Very happy with the quality of the shirt and no-hassle return process.

Shirt came in just as expected, I love knowing that the fit is going to be perfect every time.

Fair Markups.

Great quality, fair prices. With a guarantee to back it up.

“Another great order with Ratio. I don’t like the hard sales of most custom shirt makers which usually results in me buying more stuff than I need. I love being able to go online and pick out the fabrics I want without any pressure. Great quality shirts at half the price of my custom tailor.”

- Michael S. | Parker, CO

Great responses by the customer service team! I really love the patterns and cloth for this shirt very comfortable!

Great choices for details, wide variety of fabric choices and excellent service.

Ratio has been spot on with quality and service! If you decide that you need clothes to finally fit you right then this is the place. I've saved so much time not having to search department stores and crowds in hopes to find something that will do. Cheers to Ratio for changing how I think about shopping!

Now that I’ve ordered a few times and have my size dialed in the process is seamless. My orders are always just right, even with some custom requests, and usually arrive sooner than expanded. It’s almost too easy!

Ratio shirts are my absolute favorite shirts. They're high-quality, fit great, and get tons of compliments. Highly recommended for the discerning man.

Quality + Selection

We design and source one-of-a-kind fabrics from the top mills around the world and combine handmade craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best value in custom shirtmaking.

“Cannot emphasize how great the quality of these shirts are enough. Add an excellent fabric selection and incredible customer service and it makes for a perfect shirting company. Just wish I'd made the jump to Ratio much quicker than I did.”

- Chris S. | Shreveport, LA

Perfect fit; and as a retired men's store owner, Ration really knows how to deliver a high quality shirt that fits. I really like my light blue oxford "Fitzgerald" shirt.

Customer service is always excellent and I’m always excited for my shirt to arrive!

Ratio is a really unique experience. You get to hang out, grab a coffee or whiskey, relax and get to work with people passionate on their craft and want to show you what's possible. I never thought buying a shirt could be fun. The flannel I got was fit perfectly to me and it's my new favorite. I would recommend anyone looking for a low key relaxed experience to get something made unique to you.

Always great shirts. Lots of fabric choices and high quality construction

Shirts were made quickly and shipped within a couple of weeks. Fit and feel is excellent! Favorite shirts I own by far. The whole measuring and ordering process is super easy!

High quality shirts made to your measurements and your specifications at direct to customer pricing.

For anyone who appreciates a truly great shirt designed to your own specific specifications, this is the only place to go. Try Ratio once and you'll never go anywhere else.

If you can make it into the storefront, do so. It was an amazing experience to see all the collar designs and cloth options in person and well worth the trip to Denver.

I would say, if you want a fine piece of clothing than Ratio is where you need to shop. 100% Custom, quality, and great customer service.

Easy ordering, excellent communication, and an excellent shirt. Great value in these shirts.

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