We believe that clothing is one of the most personal and important products you buy. It should be made well, and made just for you, plain and simple.

97% of the clothing sold in the US is made for the lowest wage available, in the fewest sizes possible, to maximize profit.

You deserve better, and we think there’s a better way.

Our mission is to dress our customers in custom, American-made clothing with a perfect fit, crafted from the finest materials in the world, and sold for a fair price.

A Letter from our Founder

Hi there, I’m Eric, the founder of Ratio Clothing.

I started Ratio back in 2009 because I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a shirt that fit well, and frustrated that the existing custom options were either outrageously expensive or shoddily made with fabrics that didn’t match my taste.

I was working long hours in consulting, looking for an escape, while at the same time becoming oddly obsessed with the fact that my shirts just didn’t seem to fit. Determined to figure out why, I bought a sewing instructional manual on Amazon and started learning the basics of shirtmaking. Over the next few months I went deeper into the rabbit hole, spending months devouring the minutiae of shirting fabrics and collar styles. The journey into the world of shirting proved to be a good, if admittedly pretty weird, distraction from management consulting.

Besides learning how my own shirts could be tweaked, I realized that the industry was far from figuring out the elusive decent fit with off-the-rack shirts. I decided to take the leap and start a business making great-fitting, well-designed shirts here in the United States.

We sold our first shirt to customers in 2011 and have sold to thousands of you since then. We’re still a small business working to get better every day, so we encourage you to reach out to us—make suggestions, tell us where we can do better. We’re listening.

All the best,

Eric signature

Eric Powell


Everything we do comes back to a core set of values based on keeping things simple. They’re what guide us in treating our customers how we’d want to be treated, and making sure that in the long run, we’re conducting business in the most genuine, value-loaded way possible.

Make it Right Every Time

We’re an all-custom clothing company, so personalization and perfection lie at the core of everything we do. Every product we make is created for a specific person, and we want them to be 100% happy with every Ratio item they buy. It’s that simple, and we will work as hard as we can to make that happen.

Buy Better, Buy Less

Personally, we’d rather spend a little more upfront for something high quality that will last, versus something disposable that will need to be replaced quickly. We bring that same philosophy to our business. We’d love for your entire closet to be filled with Ratio shirts, but we don’t expect you to replace them very often.

Ethical Manufacturing Matters

We care deeply about the communities we impact. We’ve watched hometowns be decimated by factory closures, but we’ve also seen communities come to life by investments in a healthy manufacturing ecosystem. We’re not anti-globalization (our fabrics come from overseas, after all), but we’ve witnessed the power a strong manufacturing base can have in local communities.

Built for Today

It used to be that custom clothing was reserved for stiff, conservative business attire. But that doesn’t match the way we live now. Offices are more casual, and chances are, you care as much about how you look on the weekend as you do at the office. We design for all aspects of life in the 21st century, from weddings to Wednesdays to weekend tailgates.