Fall/Winter Favorites

Campus Oxfords

For many of you, our Campus Oxford is the only shirt you need. It's what we built our name on—a bulletproof, custom-made, American-made oxford for an unbeatable price.

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What makes the perfect flannel? For us it's softness. Our incredibly soft flannels will keep you warm during the coolest campfire nights and autumn hikes

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Monochrome Oxfords

By weaving with the same color yarn in both directions, we achieve deep color saturation with a matte finish. The result is a darker take on the classic oxford—a perfect option for adding rich color and a bit of texture to your wardrobe.

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6 26 monochrome oxfords

Peached Plaids

Peached Plaids are as soft as your favorite flannel but woven in a crisp plain-weave more suited for the office than chopping wood. Heavy enough to stand alone with a pair of jeans, but light enough to layer comfortably under a sweater or sport coat, our Peached Plaids are the perfect shirts for transitional autumn days.

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Cotton Merino Flannels

A perfect blend of cotton and Australian merino wool for unmatched softness and an unexpected light touch. Featuring rich fall colors that are perfect for transitional seasons.

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Big Sur Flannel

These heavy and extremely soft flannels feature bold horizontal stripes for a Baja-inspired look—a perfect way to add some variety to your flannel collection.

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The Thomson Plaid

Sometimes the occasion calls for something casual, but not too casual. Our new Thomson Plaids fit the bill. They are woven in a plain weave (think poplin), but with thicker yarns to add weight and lend a more casual feel.

8 22 casual pattern