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“Absolutely perfect, from the customized sizing system, to the quality of the materials, to the selection of patterns and design options, to the price point.”

- Bryan J. | Chicago, IL

4 Star Review

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Review from Michael S. | Parker, CO

5 Star Review

Another great order with Ratio. I don’t like the hard sales of most custom shirt makers which usually results in me buying more stuff than I need. I love being able to go online and pick out the fabrics I want without any pressure. Great quality shirts at half the price of my custom tailor.

Review from Geoffrey S. | Englewood, CO

5 Star Review

My experience with Ratio, as always, is excellent. High quality clothing and very helpful staff. It's great not to have to think about sizing and instead just focus on the particular elements of a shirt when ordering. Perfect fit every time.

Review from Marc M. | New York, NY

5 Star Review

Evan is amazing. Very personable, knows his business and remembers details about his customers that I don’t remember about myself. Great vibe in the store and incredible customer service!

Review from Rishi S. | Denver, CO

5 Star Review

Ratio is a really unique experience. You get to hang out, grab a coffee or whiskey, relax and get to work with people passionate on their craft and want to show you what's possible. I never thought buying a shirt could be fun. The flannel I got was fit perfectly to me and it's my new favorite. I would recommend anyone looking for a low key relaxed experience to get something made unique to you.

Review from Blair W. | Loveland, CO

5 Star Review

If you can make it into the storefront, do so. It was an amazing experience to see all the collar designs and cloth options in person and well worth the trip to Denver.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

If you're not 100% satisfied with your first shirt, we'll alter or remake it for free.

“I was very happy with the first shirt that I ordered but decided I wanted it altered some to make the fit perfect. The process was very easy, the fit feedback from Ratio was helpful, and the altered shirt fits perfectly. Customer service is fantastic and the whole process was painless.”

- Eric M. | Edmond, OK

Review from Andrew C. | Louisville, KY

5 Star Review

My experience with Ratio was excellent. They have tons of choices, and all of them are good. Every shirt I've purchased has been perfectly tailored, and all the fabrics are extremely high quality--excellent weight, consistent color and patterning--as is the stitching and assembly. I cannot recommend them enough!

Review from Melinda M. | Makawao, HI

5 Star Review

All of the shirts I’ve ordered so far have been extremely well-made and of excellent quality. Customer service, at least in my limited dealings with them, has been absolutely superb. This is all offered at a great value.

Review from Daniel R. | Denver, CO

5 Star Review

I've invited many friends and family members to take a try at Ratio and they have all loved it. I've changed the blueprints I use and I feel much more knowledgeable about my style preferences and fit. I honestly don't even shop anywhere else anymore because standard shirt sizes feel like putting on a bag-- it's a huge difference in quality and style.

Review from Lauren F. | Silver Spring, MD

5 Star Review

With Ratio’s easy to use Blueprint tool, great customer service, and expert tailoring I ended up with the best-fitting shirt I’ve ever owned. I’ll be ordering again.

Review from William S. | Wheelock, TX

5 Star Review

Ratio shirts are the best fitting shirts I have bought. I have been looking for the perfect custom shirts for a long time. Ratio does it right. The customer service was truly personal. Excellent job all around.

Fair Markups.

Great quality, fair prices. With a guarantee to back it up.

“Another great order with Ratio. I don’t like the hard sales of most custom shirt makers which usually results in me buying more stuff than I need. I love being able to go online and pick out the fabrics I want without any pressure. Great quality shirts at half the price of my custom tailor.”

- Michael S. | Parker, CO

Review from Jay B. | Denver, CO

5 Star Review

Shirt came in just as expected, I love knowing that the fit is going to be perfect every time.

Review from Dax N. | Castle Rock, CO

5 Star Review

Ratio has been spot on with quality and service! If you decide that you need clothes to finally fit you right then this is the place. I've saved so much time not having to search department stores and crowds in hopes to find something that will do. Cheers to Ratio for changing how I think about shopping!

Review from Raphael B. | Fairfield, IA

5 Star Review

I love every single one of my Ratio shirts. I have tried many MTM shirt makers online and Ratio is far and away the best I have used. The fabric, construction, and fit is all excellent. Ratio goes up to 11.

Review from Jeff H. | Herndon, VA

5 Star Review

Been getting shirts for almost 5 years almost exclusively from Ratio. Perfect fit, great styles, no guesswork.

Review from Eric H. | Denver, CO

5 Star Review

Much more personal attention than I expected. Easy and friendly to work with and even made a few fine-tuning adjustments after I received the first shirt (no extra charge). Very impressive service, and great shirts that fit perfect. I plan to order more

Quality + Selection

We design and source one-of-a-kind fabrics from the top mills around the world and combine handmade craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best value in custom shirtmaking.

“Cannot emphasize how great the quality of these shirts are enough. Add an excellent fabric selection and incredible customer service and it makes for a perfect shirting company. Just wish I'd made the jump to Ratio much quicker than I did.”

- Chris S. | Shreveport, LA

Review from Richard M. | Hopewell, NJ

5 Star Review

fit and support from sales continue to be excellent (wanted more collar stays, they arrived the next couple of days). have a bunch of different shirts now, all are well made, hold together well at cleaners after repeated launderings. getting lots of compliments on the linen shirts, btw...

Review from Kyle A. | San Juan, PR

5 Star Review

Very helpful, very responsive, and unreal clothing at the lowest possible margins. Very happy to have found Ratio after trying many other brands! I've now bought 8 shirts and will soon have an entire closet of just Custom-made Ratio shirts! Thank you, Ratio team!

Review from Joel P. | Girard, PA

5 Star Review

Being a gentleman of shorter stature, I have an extremely difficult time with finding off the rack shirts that fit right. They are almost always too long in the body and sleeves while the neck is too small. It was very exciting to actually have a shirt that fit me. I found the fit calculator to be very accurate. I just answered the questions and voila! A perfect shirt! I had a hard time waiting while the shirt was being made, but it was absolutely worth it. A portion of their shirts being made in the USA is also a huge plus for me. Although I don't have a problem with overseas made goods, keeping my neighbors employed makes me feel like I'm making a difference during these times of crises. Overall all a wonderful company providing awesome custom shirts. Highly recommended!

Review from Travis W. | Neenah, WI

5 Star Review

Amazing customer service. This is my 11th shirt! I’m tall and thin so finding shirts before ratio was impossible. I still wear my first one from many years ago. They hold up well.

Review from Jeffrey J. | Vallejo, CA

5 Star Review

Compared to other MTM services in this price range, I find that Ratio does have less customization options and longer wait times. However, this is an acceptable price to pay as Ratio handily beats the rest in regards to quality. Every fabric I have ordered has felt substantial and sturdy, and I've never had to deal with issues such as excess/loose threads. I highly recommend Ratio.

Review from Andrew C. | Louisville, KY

5 Star Review

Ratio is wonderful to do business with. Their sizing options are thorough, the style selections allow for seemingly infinite customization. While the shirts aren't cheap, this is a very good deal given the quality of the fabric and perfection of the fit. Definitely recommend...

Review from Kevin T. | Kirkland, WA

5 Star Review

Great overall experience. My first shirt was close, but not quite right. A fit advisor recommended changes based on some photos and the remade shirt was spot on. Ordered two more and each one I receive becomes a new favorite. Great service, and I appreciate the transparency of their "fair markup guarantee". Willing to pay more for quality.

Review from Kyle M. | Fort Worth, TX

5 Star Review

They get it right, even when you don't know what you need. Shout out to Evan for going the extra mile to help me understand and dial in my fit. Looking forward to many more shirts.

Review from Eugene C. | Jersey City, NJ

5 Star Review

Definitely a great experience and product. I think a lot of people, myself included, rightly would compare Ratio to Proper Cloth. But Ratio's service is more personal touch. And the collection is more curated -- a positive -- with cloths that stand out. I find the oxford to be world class -- again, another big positive for all the hardcore oxford fans out there. The algorithm seems pretty solid, and the quality of the tailoring is absolutely terrific.

Review from Joe M. | Broomfield, CO

5 Star Review

Ratio provides high-quality, comfortable, totally customizable, and fashionable shirts. I am a repeat customer and am consistently impressed with the product quality and individual attention from the staff. Highly recommend.

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