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We worked for years to bring a true post-cure, non-iron process to custom shirting and we’re proud of the results. It will stay crisp all day long and look great straight from the wash—no ironing required.


Vibrant, fun limited-edition prints in breezy fabric blends, perfect for warmer days.

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$159.00 Part of our Made in the USA Collection.
$149.00 Part of our Made in the USA Collection.
$149.00 Part of our Made in the USA Collection.

Jaspe Flannel

Jaspe yarns feature multiple distinct colors, similar to a melange yarn, but the technique is done in such a way that the contrast is more readily apparent, as opposed to the colors visually merging into one. The result is an unmatched depth of color and texture you won’t find in other fabrics.

The Chamois Shirt

The chamois shirt is a workwear legend, made famous by American brands of decades past. The name “chamois” comes from the leather of the same name, a soft and suede-like leather from mountainous goats in Europe. The handfeel was so desirable that fabric-makers began to replicate it in a heavy-yet-soft brushed cotton.

To make our version, we found a vintage 70’s-era sample and replicated the weight and handfeel with our mill in Portugal. Woven in a beefy 9 oz. brushed cotton that will soften over time, you can wear it as an overshirt or all on its own.

University Stripe Oxfords

Woven in the same bulletproof 40’s two-ply heavyweight fabric as our signature Campus Oxfords, the University Stripe Oxford is the perfect complement to the solid OCBD’s in your wardrobe.


Ready for a dress shirt that has the feel, comfort, and technical qualities of your best athletic gear? Our Performance Dress Shirts feature a cotton-free combination of nylon and two-way stretch for a shirt that moves with you, wicks away moisture, resists wrinkles, and stays comfortable all day long.

Washed Rugged Twill

Our washed rugged twill features a durable mid-weight twill, washed in our signature garment wash for a soft and broken-in hand-feel right out of the box. The style is inspired by vintage safari and fatigue shirts.