Returns & Alterations

Our business is built around providing you the highest quality, best-fitting custom dress shirts for an exceptional value. Most customers get a perfect fit with their first order, but sometimes finding the perfect fit requires a round or two of changes. For that reason, we try to offer very liberal returns and alterations for first-time customers.

Our goal here is to make sure we get the perfect fit on the first shirt so that subsequent orders don’t require adjustments. Because our products are custom-made, returned items cannot be resold, so we try to minimize alterations as much as possible after the first order.

However, we realize that sometimes changes might be needed on future shirts. So, if you need to make changes on subsequent orders, there are a few more restrictions and alterations are offered for a nominal fee. This allows us to keep our prices reasonable and offer the most flexible fit guarantee in the industry.

'New Customers'

  • Customers may return their first shirt for a full refund, store credit, alterations or remake within 90 days of the delivery date.
  • We’ll alter or remake your first shirt as many times as it takes to get the fit perfect. Once your adjusted sizes are confirmed, we’ll update your saved Blueprint for convenient, easy reordering.
  • Customer pays for return shipping costs
  • We pay for all outbound shipping costs

Additional Considerations

  • We ask that first-time customers start with one shirt to confirm sizing before proceeding with additional orders. Most customers get a perfect fit on their first try, but it gets expensive (and wasteful) if we end up remaking multiple shirts, so we try to err on the side of caution. We can work with you if you need all the shirts for a trip or firm deadline, but it’s usually in everyone’s best interest to start with one.
  • We prefer to handle alterations ourselves. By doing this, we can make sure that the changes we make are properly recorded to your sizing Blueprint and that future orders will be made to your revised specifications.

Return Customers

  • Alterations to an existing shirt are available anytime for a fee. Send us an email with what you’d like to change and we’ll prepare a quote. The cost will be comparable to your local tailor and we’ll still record size adjustments to your Blueprints.
  • Stating the obvious: if we screw something up, we’ll fix it on our dime.

Additional Considerations

  • Changes that can be done as alterations are limited (we can’t make the shirt bigger, for example), but we can accommodate some things that a local tailor cannot (a new collar, for example).
  • Should the changes you request require a full remake, we can accommodate that within 30 days of the delivery date for a fee that will typically be around 40% below the original retail price (subject to fabric availability).

The Alteration Process

To initiate a return, simply email describing the changes you’d like to make. We’ll follow up with any questions or suggestions, then, once we’ve finalized any changes you can send the shirt back to us. Please make sure you email us before sending the shirt back, because we may need to ask you questions and it’s helpful if you have the shirt in your possession.

Tips for Requesting Alterations

  • Wash the shirt at least once; we expect some shrinkage and it’s best to evaluate the shirt after a wash or two.
  • Try to consider all aspects of the fit so we can address everything at once. A good checklist of the key areas is provided at the bottom of your packing slip.
  • Send us photos if you’re unsure of the changes you might need. Front, back, and side profile shots (all with arms relaxed at the sides) are generally most helpful.
  • It is always our goal to minimize the need for adjustments, both to keep our costs down and to get you in a great-fitting shirt right off the bat, because no one likes to have to wait. Because many customers are working with remote sizing, this can take some extra legwork, so we may have a lot of questions for you — this is our way of getting you in the best-fitting shirt as soon as possible, and we appreciate the cooperation.