Camp Collar

A vintage casual style ready for fun in the sun.
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Once a rarity in custom clothing due to its unique construction, the Camp Collar is an uber-casual one-piece style that has its origins in vintage Guayabera shirts of Cuban fame. It’s an ideal match for a floral summer print or breathable linen that will keep you looking and feeling effortlessly cool on your next tropical vacation.

While ostensibly a “collar” style, the Camp collar requires a different construction for the fronts of the shirt with a french-faced interior typically rolled down to the second button like a lapel. It’s also universally paired with a straight, split-bottom hem and short sleeves (we actually require these complementary selections) to create the quintessential Camp Shirt.

The loop closure on the first button is mostly for show—you’ll be wearing this sans undershirt, open-collar while sipping on Mai Tais to the beat of a steel drum band.


Point Length 2.5"
Collar Band None
Interlining Soft, Unfused (unless otherwise specified or requested)
Collar Stays None
Closure Loop