English Spread

A moderate spread suitable for most everyone.
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The English Spread is our most popular collar for a simple reason: it works well for just about anyone, on any occasion.

Want to wear it with a tie? The English Spread is a great choice and will work with just about any knot you choose, from a simple four-in-hand to a double-windsor. Want to wear it open? The moderate spread looks great without a tie; neither too wide to be overly rakish or too narrow to look odd.

Our English Spread has middle-of-the-road proportions (5” spread, 2.75” points) to work for just about everyone and every size.


Point Length 2.75"
Spread Width 5"
Front Band Height 1"
Rear Band Height 1 3/8"
Tie Space 1/4"
Interlining Stiff, Fused (unless otherwise specified or requested)
Collar Stays Included, Removable