Fitzgerald Button Down

A longer-point button-down for traditionalists.
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We named our Long-Point Button-Down (3.5” points) after F. Scott Fitzgerald, a devotee of Brooks Brothers’ classic collar style. Scaling up our standard Button-Down gives it a signature long roll and, when unlined—an option available within Advanced Collar Options on any product page—the roll comes out in full glory and the collar epitomizes that classic aesthetic, especially on the iconic OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button-Down).

We consider ourselves to be OCBD aficionados here at Ratio, and designed our Fitzgerald Button-Down to be the truest expression of the classic style. The 3.5” Fitzgerald captures the pronounced long roll that the style is known for in the most authentic sense.


Point Length 3.5"
Spread Width 4"
Front Band Height 1"
Rear Band Height 1 3/8"
Tie Space 3/8"
Interlining Soft/Unfused (on casual shirts), Soft/Fused (on dress shirts)
Collar Stays N/A