Forward Point

A traditional style for wear with a tie
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The ultra-traditional Forward Point collar has been gradually overtaken by spread styles in recent decades because it really should be worn with a tie exclusively—those narrowly angled points, while similar in length to spread counterparts, can look strange when the top button is undone. You’d recognize the style from old films, or pictures dating back to the era when suits and ties were de rigeur at all times. It does look crisp and exudes formal professionalism, so the Forward Point definitely lives on. Our version sports the standard, narrow 3” spread.


Point Length 2.75"
Spread Width 3"
Front Band Height 1"
Rear Band Height 1 3/8"
Tie Space 3/8"
Interlining Stiff, Fused (unless otherwise specified or requested)
Collar Stays Included, Removable