Small Semi-Spread

A smaller version of the classic spread.

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The Small Semi-Spread has points ½” smaller than standard (2.25”), and a narrower, 3 ¼” spread. Still in line with the style’s straightforward, traditional look, the smaller version works on those who wear smaller sizes, or who simply prefer smaller proportions. The small semi-spread works especially well with those who prefer skinny ties.

Like the Semi-Spread, the Small Semi-Spread can be worn with or without a tie, and remains pretty versatile on a smaller scale.


Point Length 2 1/4"
Spread Width 3 1/4"
Front Band Height 1"
Rear Band Height 1 3/8"
Tie Space 3/8"
Interlining Stiff, Fused (unless otherwise specified or requested)
Collar Stays Included, Removable