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“Amazing fit with high quality materials and impeccable construction done right here in the US.”

- Jason | Colorado

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This is the best way to buy shirts. You are assured of quality of fabric and then fit of course is custom to you. Wearing Ratio shirts makes you realize that none of your other shirts fit and they don't look right.

Excellent custom shirts!

A perfect fit every time! Just got like my 100th shirt (maybe) and it fits exactly the way I need it. Ratio never lets me down!

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

If you're not 100% satisfied with your first shirt, we'll alter or remake it for free.

“I was very happy with the first shirt that I ordered but decided I wanted it altered some to make the fit perfect. The process was very easy, the fit feedback from Ratio was helpful, and the altered shirt fits perfectly. Customer service is fantastic and the whole process was painless.”

- Eric M. | Edmond, OK

Great quality

Love Ratio. A different, better way to shop, with a product I’ve yet to see surpassed.

Easy ordering and a great fit, it's hard to beat this sort of service and product. Keep it up Ratio!

Made Here.

While virtually all custom clothing is now made overseas, we're proud to continue to invest in American manufacturing.

“Amazing fit with high quality materials and impeccable construction done right here in the US.”

- Jason M. | Conifer, CO

Great overall experience. No hassle, great styles, quick production and the quality is unmatched. My oldest shirts from Ratio still look brand new, are durable in the wash, and the styles are better than any box clothing store. Even though I now live 2000 miles from the Denver store (I’d be back in a heartbeat if I could!), I still can get a great shirt anywhere in the US.

Fashion forward and well designed

High quality, American made shirts. Simple order process and fast delivery. Responsive customer service.

Quality + Selection

We design and source one-of-a-kind fabrics from the top mills around the world and combine handmade craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best value in custom shirtmaking.

“Cannot emphasize how great the quality of these shirts are enough. Add an excellent fabric selection and incredible customer service and it makes for a perfect shirting company. Just wish I'd made the jump to Ratio much quicker than I did.”

- Chris S. | Shreveport, LA

Great company

The quality and fit of these shirts is incredible, and when I make occasional visits to the store, I've received consistently great customer service from Evan. I highly recommend Ratio!

I have recommended to a friend and will again. The service, quality fit and fabrics are all great and at the price i was paying for shirts that did not fit me properly.

Another perfectly fitting shirt in a great fabric. Thanks Ratio!

Good experience. About the same price as a nice shirt at BB, but Ratio fit really really well.

The folks at Ratio help me find the fit and style that works best for me. They have a great selection of fabrics and every detail is customizable. I highly recommend!

Being a tall person, with gangly long arms, as well as preferring a slim, tailored fit, from an early age I was constantly frustrated buying off-the rack dress shirts. Wanting to improve my personal style, I was constantly picking out patterns I liked from the usual twenty-something fashion forward retailers—companies that trend towards slim fits—and was left with a choice of being able to see my wrists when standing, and my forearms when sitting at a desk, or else feeling like I was wearing a tent.

I tried a number of the cheaper online MTM shirt companies, and was unsatisfied with fit, the customer support, and the fabrics. Continuing to search, I decided to try my hand at sewing, and after months of challenging work, with assistance from a master, I produced a shirt with beautiful fabric and an excellent fit. I thought I had my solution to the shirt problem, but fast forward three years and I hadn't made a single further shirt—the labor and time commitment was just too high.

Enter Ratio! I found them at a holiday bazaar, and struck up a conversation with Evan, who showed me some shirt samples in a variety of very premium fabrics, and suggested I come in for a fitting. After doing a fitting and receiving my first shirt, the fit was very very good. So good that I didn't even take advantage of their fit guarantee, although I did decide to make some minor tweaks that Evan suggested for my next shirt.

I am now 10 shirts in, and I really love all of them. The fabrics are quality—much better than what you are going to get at any big-box fashion retailers. The fit is excellent—I won't lie, my fully custom dress shirt still fits better, but it is leagues and leagues better than what I have been able to find off the rack.

Ratio has definitely made a loyal customer to me, I always look forward to when I let myself get my next dress shirt from them!

I have used them before, but had some issues with one of the shirts. So this time we spent a long time discussing how various options could impact fit. The result is the best fitting oxford I’ve ever owned. I really like the personal attention and the willingness to go through a ton of fabric choices, even though I ended on something pretty classic.

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