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“Absolutely perfect, from the customized sizing system, to the quality of the materials, to the selection of patterns and design options, to the price point.”

- Bryan J. | Chicago, IL

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I would recommend Ratio over any other MTO shirt. Other companies default to skin-tight; not Ratio. Now that they offer the big old button-down collar, I can get everything I need here.

My experience with Ratio is always great. My advice is: keep doing what you're doing!

My experience with Ratio, as always, is excellent. High quality clothing and very helpful staff. It's great not to have to think about sizing and instead just focus on the particular elements of a shirt when ordering. Perfect fit every time.

Great product with lots of options available. Excellent value and great customer service. Every order has been a very positive experience.

Great, ever-expanding selection of high-quality fabrics turned into high-quality construction shirts. Reasonable shipping speed.

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

If you're not 100% satisfied with your first shirt, we'll alter or remake it for free.

“I was very happy with the first shirt that I ordered but decided I wanted it altered some to make the fit perfect. The process was very easy, the fit feedback from Ratio was helpful, and the altered shirt fits perfectly. Customer service is fantastic and the whole process was painless.”

- Eric M. | Edmond, OK

Been getting shirts for almost 5 years almost exclusively from Ratio. Perfect fit, great styles, no guesswork.

Sent the first back for alterations. The shirt came back perfect. It's the best fitting shirt I've ever owned. Customer service was great.

Evan is amazing. Very personable, knows his business and remembers details about his customers that I don’t remember about myself. Great vibe in the store and incredible customer service!

I would tell them that if they want an OCBD with a substantial collar, Ratio's Campus Oxford offers the best value for the money.

Much more personal attention than I expected. Easy and friendly to work with and even made a few fine-tuning adjustments after I received the first shirt (no extra charge). Very impressive service, and great shirts that fit perfect. I plan to order more

Fair Markups.

Great quality, fair prices. With a guarantee to back it up.

“Another great order with Ratio. I don’t like the hard sales of most custom shirt makers which usually results in me buying more stuff than I need. I love being able to go online and pick out the fabrics I want without any pressure. Great quality shirts at half the price of my custom tailor.”

- Michael S. | Parker, CO

Easy to use. Quality shirts. Take the time to get the right fit and then it is very easy to replenish your wardrobe.

Great fit, reasonably quick shipping. Better fabric/pattern selections than competitors.

Great product! This was my 4th shirt from Ratio Clothing and I will keep coming back. This order was a rush, and delivered early!

Like all online MTM shirts it can take time to dial in the fit. Overall decent short for the price point. Orders are quickly made and shipped.

Great! Setting up your profile takes a little time but it is well worth it. Then you get shirts made just for you!! They are great.

Quality + Selection

We design and source one-of-a-kind fabrics from the top mills around the world and combine handmade craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best value in custom shirtmaking.

“Cannot emphasize how great the quality of these shirts are enough. Add an excellent fabric selection and incredible customer service and it makes for a perfect shirting company. Just wish I'd made the jump to Ratio much quicker than I did.”

- Chris S. | Shreveport, LA

fit and support from sales continue to be excellent (wanted more collar stays, they arrived the next couple of days). have a bunch of different shirts now, all are well made, hold together well at cleaners after repeated launderings. getting lots of compliments on the linen shirts, btw...

Outstanding! These are the best quality shirts you can—in the fabric, workmanship and custom fit—you can buy. I say this comparing to English or Italian labels under $400,, and certainly anything made in China. Ratio is the best of any of the newer US online shirt companies as well.

I now have four shirts from Ratio and I’m looking forward to more. Excellent fabric (and of course fit). Options are great. I mismeasured my first shirt but Ratio helped me figure out the issues (and now I can simply reuse the same measurements as my default).

I've invited many friends and family members to take a try at Ratio and they have all loved it. I've changed the blueprints I use and I feel much more knowledgeable about my style preferences and fit. I honestly don't even shop anywhere else anymore because standard shirt sizes feel like putting on a bag-- it's a huge difference in quality and style.

easy - find your favorite fitting shirt, and make it happen over and over again in different materials and styles!

I have not yet worn the shirt, but upon arrival I am very impressed with the quality and I did try it on and it seems to be a very good fit. I will reevaluate (if possible) after I wash and wear for a few hours, but definitely like what I've seen so far

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