Mint Green Summer Oxford

100% Cotton Oxford


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Mint Green Summer Oxford
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Meet the softer, thinner, lighter counterpart to the traditionally heavy Oxford. Our Summer Oxfords feature the same, slightly nubby texture but in a much finer weave. Supremely casual, these easy-to-wear, no-pressing-required shirts come with a slight color boost—the mint green pops just the right amount with light-colored shorts or pants, or any wash of jeans.

Fabric Specs

Composition 100% Cotton
Weave Oxford
Yarn/Thread Count 50's Single-Ply
Weight Medium-Heavy (137 GSM)
Fabric Origin China
Opacity Rating Mostly Opaque (4)
Care: Standard


  • Made-to-measure to your exact specifications.
  • Single-needle tailoring at 16 stitches per inch.
  • Quarter-inch topstitching on collars and cuffs
  • Two-piece split yoke
  • Removable collar stays (when applicable)
  • Heat-sealed button shank for exceptional button security
  • Soft, sewn (not fused) interlining for a comfortable and casual appearance

Made in the USA

This shirt is part of our Made in the USA Collection.

We’re proud to make this shirt in a facility in New Jersey that’s been making shirts continuously for nearly 60 years with a history of quality and craftsmanship. The factory is a union shop that employs several hundred skilled operators, who earn a living wage. Every shirt made by here includes over sixty operations performed by a dedicated team of made-to-measure specialists.

Mint Green Summer Oxford

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Customer Reviews

10 Reviews, 4.8 Average

Latest Reviews

I've bought shirts of this fabric 3 times. First was lost in a fire, second got a stain. I must always have a shirt in this color. Fabric is on-par with the rest of the summer oxfords, quality cotton and not too thick/warm.

Nick B. (Hurst, TX)

Feeling lucky, this shirt is.

Michael P. (Cincinnati, OH)

Nice fabric; wish it was a little thicker for an oxford. Seems to wrinkle a little easily. Color is as pictured.

Christopher C. (Dublin, CA)

These summer-weight oxfords are great. They wear just like your favorite OCBD, but a bit lighter, making them perfect for warmer days or layering. And the saturated pop of color keeps things fun. Do note, the mint color was a bit warmer and more saturated than it appeared in the pictures (on my monitor, at least). Also, I do find these Summer Oxfords a bit more prone to wrinkling.

Jeremy M. (Highlands Ranch, CO)

I like these thicker solid color fabrics. This is thicker than other shirts and breathes well.

Dominic P. (Thorton, CO)