Navy Monochrome Oxford

100% American Cotton Oxford

Navy Monochrome Oxford
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Customer Reviews

8 Reviews, 4.5 Average
Latest Reviews

The color is great but thr fabric was a bit lighter/gauzier than I was anticipating. Not a dealbreaker by any means though.

Nicholas R. (Brooklyn, NY)

Love the way the dark navy reveals the textures of Oxford fabric. A versatile color that goes with almost everything. It breathes well so is comfortable for summer wear.

Martin M. (Sydney South, NSW)

This is a nice, deep blue, but ended up being not totally my cup of tea.

Thomas L M. (Atlanta, GA)

This oxford fabric is a good balance. Heavy enough to have substance, but not too heavy to wear year round (at least in Denver). It is also a nice balance of casual and more formal, because it is darker. My wife has declared that this is her favorite shirt on me. The only complaint I have is that some of the bottom hem has started fraying, but the shirt is 3 years old now, so I suppose that is to be expected.

James T. (Denver, CO)

This is a nice heavy fabric (150 GSM). Great for winter temperatures. It has a nice soft feel and has a coarse look to it which I love. Doesn't need much for ironing - just at the collar.

Ratio Customer (Fairfax, VA)

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Our monochrome oxfords are woven with the same color yarn in both the warp (vertical) and the weft (horizontal), which gives them a deep color saturation not found in the traditional oxford, where white yarns are interspersed to mute the color.

Woven with long-staple two-ply yarns in Portugal by Somelos, these oxfords have a similar weight to our Campus Oxfords, but with a slightly more refined hand. Combined with the deeply saturated colors, these oxfords make a bold statement in your fall and winter wardrobe.

Our navy is a dark navy, but still blue in any light. We like it with a button-down collar and our classic standard buttons.

Fabric Specs

Composition 100% Cotton
Weave Oxford
Yarn/Thread Count 50/1 x 24/2
Weight Heavy (150 GSM)
Opacity Rating Completely Opaque (5)
Care: Standard

How it's Made

Fabric Mill


Somelos was founded in Portugal in 1958, first making yarns and later adding cotton fabric production to its repertoire. The family-run business has become the benchmark for yarn-dyed men's dress shirting in the global market, and weaves fabric for many of the top brands and designers in menswear.


We’re proud to make our shirts in a facility in North Carolina that’s been making shirts continuously for 55 years with a history of quality and craftsmanship. The factory is a union shop that employs several hundred skilled operators, who earn a living wage. Every shirt made by Ratio includes over sixty operations performed by a dedicated team of made-to-measure specialists.


  • Proudly made in the USA to your measurements and specifications
  • Single-needle tailoring at a minimum of sixteen stitches per inch
  • Quarter-inch topstitching on collars and cuffs
  • Two-piece yoke
  • Removable collar stays (when applicable)
  • Heat-sealed shank button attachment
  • Soft, sewn (not fused) interlining for a comfortable and casual appearance